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We invest in fast-growing biotechnology companies engaged in the research and development and marketing of innovative pharmaceuticals.

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Biotechnology is the application of knowledge and technology to living organisms.

Particularly in the case of widespread diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or cancer, scientists have already discovered numerous new approaches based on the latest findings for even more efficient treatment with fewer side effects or even curing diseases.

Whereas in the past it was often only possible to treat the symptoms of a disease, the knowledge of genome and proteome researchers has now made it possible to specifically combat the causes. Biotechnology is thus opening up completely new options in this area, while at the same time improving the possibilities of application for the traditional pharmaceutical industry, which works with chemical molecules.

Today, biotechnologically produced drugs already account for about 30% of the total turnover of the pharmaceutical industry in Germany.


Typically large proteins
Produced through living cells or organisms
Administration: injections or inhalation


Relatively small, simple molecules
Production by chemical processes
Administration: oral

The Philosophy

We believe that biotechnology will continue to revolutionize the drug market and bring significant advances. Diseases that are currently considered incurable can be treated in the future.

A foretaste of what biotechnology can do is shown by the Corona pandemic. Never in history have so many companies developed potential drugs and vaccines in such a short time.

This is just the beginning and shows how efficient this industry has become.

The goal of the WEALTHGATE Biotech Aggressive Fund

Investors should have the opportunity to benefit from developments in biotechnology. However, this market is extremely complex and almost unmanageable. Development and research is often very time-consuming. Therefore, the right time to enter the market is crucial for the individual companies.

With our in-depth expert knowledge and a portfolio of a maximum of 100 stocks, we make this innovative area of biotechnology accessible to investors.

Overview of diseases


  • Cancer takes a huge toll on humanity. In the meantime, more than 150 types of cancer are known and there are about 17 million new cases every year.
  • Up to now, efforts have mainly focused on preventing cancer, or suppressing or stopping its spread in the body. It is of central importance to identify risk factors.

Rare diseases

  • Rare diseases are often life-threatening and affect 50% of children. So-called “orphan drugs” are being developed for treatment.
  • It is often not worthwhile for large pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs against these diseases, as the number of affected people is simply too small to cover the enormous development costs.

Metabolic diseases

  • The best known and most widespread metabolic disease worldwide is diabetes. It is often caused by an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. But “non-alcoholic fatty liver” is also a widespread metabolic disease that costs the health system several billion euros annually.

Cardiovascular diseases

  • Cardiovascular diseases are diseases of the cardiovascular system such as high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.
  • Although there is already a large number of drugs available, these diseases are the most common cause of death worldwide.

Neurological diseases

  • Neurological diseases are for example Alzheimer, Parkinson, MS, depression, migraine. The reasons for these diseases are often unknown and existing therapies are not very effective.
  • Due to demographic change, a significant increase in these diseases is expected. Therefore, there is a high medical need in this area.

Infectious diseases

  • Corona, HIV, hepatitis C, fungal infections are among the so-called infectious diseases.
  • Significant progress has already been made in these areas in the past. The goal is to significantly reduce the development times for new antibiotics and vaccines.

Advantages of biotech drugs


New ways

By using living cells, biotechnology opens up new ways to treat and cure diseases.

Targeted treatment

The drugs are often able to treat diseases more precisely and in a more targeted manner, thus causing fewer unintended side effects.

Deeper competitive pressure

Biotech drugs are more expensive to produce – so once patents expire, there is much less chance that another company will also manufacture the product.

Versatile application options

Biotech investigates small and large organisms, plants, animals and humans, but also smallest parts such as individual cells or molecules.

Greener products and procedures

e.g. by developing biochemicals, replacing conventional plastics, or using enzymes and microorganisms in production, or for pollutant degradation.

More sustainable world

Biotechnology can make an important contribution to nutrition, energy production or the manufacture of biobased products.

Why invest in biotechnology

Medical progress
Despite medical progress, many diseases are still incurable.

Mega Trends

Due to rising life expectancy and demographic change, the prevalence of age-related diseases is inevitably increasing.

Growing middle class
More and more people worldwide can afford access to pharmaceutical products.

Health awareness
People are becoming increasingly health-conscious and are taking preventive medication or are being vaccinated.

Patents of large pharmaceutical companies expire. In order to continue to be innovative, large pahrma groups are taking over biotech companies in order to profit from drugs that are currently under development.

Inefficient Pricing
Opportunities to generate excess returns
Result: detection through our rigorous and disciplined selection process

VAdvantages of the

WEALTHGATE Biotech Aggressive Fund

Stock Picking

  • Not every company in this field will be successful. That is why a professional selection of companies is indispensable.
  • Before the purchase, potential companies are analysed and evaluated using multi-stage procedures.

Active management

  • In active management, we do not simply replicate an index such as the DAX, for example, but rather fund management selects the companies in a targeted manner.
  • With active management, there is a great opportunity to outperform the market.

Event driven approach

  • Biotech companies go through a cyclical process in the development of drugs. At the beginning an investment is much less interesting than shortly before approval.
  • Therefore, the right timing plays a major role in the purchase.

No limiting

  • The fund is not restricted to a specific company size or to a specific phase in product development.
  • For this reason, the fund is widely spread across many companies to increase opportunities and reduce risk.

Key figures

The Team

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